Hardcopy Presentation Printing – Dos and Don’ts

Hardcopy presentation can be very hard work. The sheer number of possible glitches is enough to drive anyone to distraction. The only way to deal with these issues is to create a reliable hardcopy format that eliminates mistakes at the setup stage, and without the last minute panics. The added element is good quality, reliable printer cartridges, laser toner, and supplier support.

Setting up your hardcopy- the single stream approach

“The simpler the better” is the golden “do” here. Don’t use multiple formats. The last thing you need is print problems, when doing an important presentation. This can get tricky when doing reports, or presentations where there are multiple sources and types of data involved. Printers often advertise “Variable Data” printing services, so you can see it’s no minor issue, even for professionals.

A “single stream approach” is using one format for all your presentation work. This is easier, because you’re working off integrated software and hardware, not multiple formats.

For example:

Although most software is OK for Windows, putting images and data sources together can be a real “don’t”, and the print quality can be variable. The solution: Use PowerPoint, a familiar Windows standard, as the image source, which automatically formats the images.

Note: This will also give you a layout and let you work with the presentation element composition.

Checking for errors

The good news is that your print setup will also find any problems before they happen.

There are two basic processes in checking for errors:

Proofing: This is a full quality check, proofreading and image checking for quality before a print run. Make absolutely sure you do this, because it can be expensive to fix any errors, if you don’t.

Print testing: Do a full source quality check on a basic print test. This allows you to identify any hard copy issues at once. The print test includes a full printer test, heads and nozzles, and a preliminary test print to find any issues.

The preliminary print test will save you time and money in just a few minutes. Some basic printers are simply not designed for highly advanced, detailed prints and high volumes of copies. If so, your ink application will be out of synch. Adjust the settings on the Advanced tab, and you’ll find out if the printer can do the job.

Important Do’s:

  • Install new ink cartridges for printers before a print run.
  • Check ink levels regularly.

Presentation values, defined

High value presentation is very high quality, like a prospectus or other important business document. If you’re working with something complex, like a report or business white paper, the presentation must be top quality. Your print job needs to be immaculate, for presentation to business clients.

Success- Print matches presentation needs

The proof copy of your presentation is the benchmark. It will be perfect, with no text or image issues. The ink application will be 100% according to your source materials. Good presentations make good business.

The 5-Minute Prep Before You Present: How To Calm Your Nerves

First off, know that it’s completely normal and natural to be nervous before speaking in front of a group.

We are born with two natural fears: loud noises and falling. The other fears are products of our environment including public speaking.

But you can come across as being completely sure of yourself, even if you can’t completely shake the jitters.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your calm before you take the microphone.

1. Wiggle your toes

Studies show that wiggling your toes reduces stress levels and decreases anxiety.

2. Chat with Your Audience Before Your Presentation

Meet and greet people before you get on stage. Talking with audiences makes you seem more likeable and approachable. Ask event attendees questions and take in their responses. They may even give you some inspiration to weave into your talk.

3. Claim the three “audience realities”.

One: They believe you’re the expert, so don’t tell them otherwise.
Two: They want you to succeed, so they’re on your side.
Three: They won’t know when you make a mistake, so don’t broadcast it.

4. Find a Pre Talk song.

Athletes and entertainers use this strategy to focus before they take the stage, or start their sport.

Find a song that gets you pumped up and listen to it backstage before every talk. It has to be “your song”, a song that gets your adrenaline to the perfect level: It has to give you enough so you’re saying “You’ve got this, (insert your name), they are going to love you”. Any song that can make you feel that way is worth taking a few minutes to listen to before jumping on stage. Many athletes do it, why not you.

5. Visualize your success.

Sports psychologists have proven that an athlete’s ability to vividly visualize his or her success creates a higher win rate.,Before your next presentation, mentally walk yourself through the presentation. Picture yourself speaking with confidence and poise; see your audience responding positively.

Nervousness is a natural reaction to speaking in front of large groups. However, try to think of this emotion as a “readiness to share you”, and a type of excitement that is necessary for you to speak. You’ve been sub-consciously programmed to think that you fear it, so how about intentionally creating how you perceive your nervousness? It’s within your control. That simple change of view can change your whole attitude.

It’s time to use the strategies above and take back control of you nerves each and every time you speak.

How to find the top job provider company in India to find a job in MNC

Job provider companies play a crucial role in recruiting candidates for the right job. All the companies have a team of groups who are self-motivated, dynamic, and qualified professionals that aim to connect people with the right jobs. Many job provider companies work towards the common goal of offering the best recruitment services. However, if you are looking for the right the Top job provider company in India, this article will guide you in finding the best job provider company so that you can get a job in MNC.

What is the role of Top job provider company in India?

The job provider company plays a significant role in guiding the job seeker with their career goals. Many MNC companies rely on these recruitment firms to get the best resources that can increase the value of the company. These job consultancy firms maintain a good relationship with the organization across various industries and provide them with potential resources to achieve their business goals as stress-free as possible.

List of top 5 job portals that can help you to land the right job

The spread of the pandemic hurt businesses across the globe. With business returning to normal activity, the hiring in specific roles in India has surged. Take a look at the top five job portals that could help you find the right job.


Founded in 2008, Shine.com is one of the best job portals. It is the pioneer of India’s digital transformation with an effective online portal to connect job seekers and recruiters seamlessly. Shine.com has dedicated professionals that investigate properly, keeping in mind the current market difficulties. The reason why Shine.com has garnered attention is because of its data-driven approach. With more than 8000 businesses on board that include some of the leading names like SBI Life insurance, Deloitte, Infosys, Amazon, shine.com is regarded as one of the best job portals for job seekers. There are more than 4 crore registered job seekers on shine.com.


Another well-known website for job seekers is Monster which has developed a wide network of recruiters and job seekers. The portal is helpful for job seekers across the globe and people looking for jobs in India. Employers and job seekers experience a lot of possibilities from this website with a wide range of possibilities. Since it was founded in 1999, the website has extended its services a lot to cater to the needs of recruiters and job seekers.


Another popular website for job seekers is Naukri.com, which offers various services. Services such as access to the resume database, listings, and response management tools have paid off handsomely for the company. More than 76000 corporate clients naukri.com served in 2017-18. The popular job search engine is well settled, with 56 offices in 42 locations and offices in Dubai, Riya, Abu Dhabi.


Indeed is another popular website for job seekers that have assisted in employment throughout the pandemic. Indeed has millions of job listings, and job seekers can advance their careers using this portal. The online employment marketplace has a lot of opportunities across the globe in employing job seekers.


The internet is flooded with many job portal sites where people find it difficult to choose the right one. The article has mentioned some of the reputed job portal companies where companies and recruiters post job vacancies using the software. The sites mentioned above update regularly, and job seekers can use them for free. Moreover, the advantage of using the site is that vacancies are open to a huge talent pool, and any job seeker can apply for them regardless of where they are staying.