Sales Presentation Perfection – 7 Essential Actions For Success

Recently, I was travelling in the Mediterranean and attended a lecture on ancient Rome delivered by a bright and articulate American professor. He began with an apology, immediately setting his audience up for disappointment–a promise he kept. He went on to explain that he wasn’t very good at the technology–which he proved throughout his talk. And worse still, as soon as he launched into his presentation, he seemed to have forgotten its title and focused instead on the American senate and the need for checks and balances. Nobody cared.

That presenter turned out to be the poster child for getting it all wrong. And what a shame, when it’s so easy to get it right.

Everyone who delivers a sales presentation is nervous at some time. Even if you routinely present, when you know that this one is important, adrenaline flows, mouths dry up and presenters worry that their mind will simply go blank. Why wonder if you’ve got it all right when following these 7 action steps will ensure that you do?


Refine your message.

Why it’s Important

Your audience will–if you are lucky–remember two or three important things from your presentation. The most important thing you want them to remember is your message. Even if they forget all the numbers you recite, the percentages you emphasize or the lists you highlight, you want them to remember the main thing they need to know about you–and that’s your message. So refine it, clarify it, and begin with it before you mention a word of content.


Review your slides and limit your topics to three or four main concepts that support your message. Organize content around those main topics.

Why it’s Important

The listening ear cannot go back and review what you said a few minutes ago and it’s easy for an audience to get lost when they listen to a speaker–especially if yours is only one of several presentations they will hear that day.  Make it easy for your audience to remember your content by limiting the topics you talk about. They’ll think you are smart, clear and wonderful to work with if you eliminate tangents, ditch the minutiae and simplify your talk.


Choose your topics carefully so they address the needs of your audience.

Why it’s Important

We all know that people buy from people they like, and while everyone in your audience does not have buying power, they do have veto power. Keep in mind that every audience includes four types of listeners; your goal is to connect with each of them so they like you better than your competitors. Your message should speak to the executive–that is, your message must make it clear why you are best suited to provide the best the marketplace has to offer. Your topics should speak to the other three types of listeners: the numbers cruncher, the techie and the implementor.


Use a visual metaphor on your slides to reinforce your message.

Why it’s Important

When you use compelling graphics and engaging images your audience remembers your message more easily. 


Eliminate as much text as possible from your slides.

 Why it’s Important

When you read from the screen, you lose contact with your audience. You need to make good, solid eye contact with every person in the room as you speak, and you can’t do that when you are glued to a screen. Don’t worry that you’ll forget something. This is your stuff and you know you could talk for hours about it. What’s more, if you do forget something, nobody in the audience will ever know.


Create handouts that are reader-friendly, well organized and look like real documents.

 Why it’s Important

Handouts that look like documents–not like printed PowerPoint slides–give you the professional edge you want. A well written handout is the proof that what you said in your terrific presentation is valid and true. Your handout should be distributed right before the Q and A and should include all the detail, graphs, charts and illustrations you took off the slides.


Hire a coach.

 Why it’s Important

Even Tiger Woods uses a coach. The good ones always do, because they know a coach can help you kick it up a notch. A good coach can make the difference between ordinary and great. The fact is, it’s hard, if not impossible, to see yourself as others see you. If this presentation is important, you want a professional’s eye checking you out and providing the feedback that will polish your performance–turning you into the likable, memorable, easy-to-hear presenter you know you can be.

A presentation is a performance. And like any performance, there’s a difference between an amateur show and a professional one. Take the 7 essential action steps that help you win the sale. They’ll make you look good and that’s a winning presentation.

Giving Jewelry As Christening Presents

Giving the gift of jewelry is a way to give precious christening presents. Be it silver or gold, many people appreciate the tradition behind the jewelry. While it is not that common to give little boys this type of present, baby girls are the usual recipient of these after the christening.

To start, some people give charm bracelets. With a charm bracelet the child can grow into it. Unlike a silver bracelet which the child can grow out of very soon! You also get the benefit of adding charms to it as the child grows, each piece expressing your love and hope for her future.

As they grow up and have various life events, a new charm can commemorate them and enhance your bond. Don’t be alarmed if they do not always wear it though – such a precious christening gift could get destroyed, so they are best left as a keepsake as the child matures.

Are the child’s ears pierced? If so consider giving some earrings. Earrings with pearls on a stud would look good. Silver studs would be very nice too.

For necklaces, some people choose to give A St. Christopher necklace to the child. The symbolism is that St. Christopher can protect the child on his life’s journeys.

As with any gift though, be aware that the child will soon outgrow the present. This is not to say they do like it, or would not appreciate you buying it. Rather, it’s just that as kids grow they will stop wearing them – but don’t fret, they will still keep them and look back as adults with a fondness for their christening presents.

Best Creative Corporate Gifts to Present Your Employees

A corporate gift reflects the brand image of a company and should be selected carefully. A company selects different types of gifts to be distributed among its employees. These gifts are meant to be presented to your employees, business partners, stake holders, etc. They can be in various forms depending on the occasion like creative corporate gifts, corporate gifts for Diwali, etc. Now, one of the intentions to distribute such items for a company is not only to retain its existing client base but also to procure new clients.

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