Best Creative Corporate Gifts to Present Your Employees

A corporate gift reflects the brand image of a company and should be selected carefully. A company selects different types of gifts to be distributed among its employees. These gifts are meant to be presented to your employees, business partners, stake holders, etc. They can be in various forms depending on the occasion like creative corporate gifts, corporate gifts for Diwali, etc. Now, one of the intentions to distribute such items for a company is not only to retain its existing client base but also to procure new clients.

Selecting your best corporate gift supplier online is still one of the most preferred destination. You can certainly choose some amazing collections of creative gifts online. You would like to shop some unusual gift items in order to maintain creativity and uniqueness.

These gifts are recognized to offer you an exquisite collection of innovative and exclusive gift items. They are also not costly and can be presented to your clients at business meetings, summit or during press conferences. However, if you fall short of unique and creative corporate gift ideas, then you may even go to online experts and ask for some of the best online gifting ideas.

Customizing your gifts is another idea that can be equally fruitful for your brand awareness. It may easily help you to improve your business relations with your clients. For that, you may choose a unique and creative logo for your company that can also help to improve your business relations with your clients. At the same time, it will also help improve your company’s brand awareness.

Now, if you are looking to start entirely a new business and need some prospective clients, then you may adopt some unusual gift ideas. You may even try to seek valuable suggestions from reputed online experts.

If you want to sustain your business, then you need to think in the most creative ways. For that, you may adopt certain practices that reap you a number of creative corporate gift ideas. Apart from some normal gifts like pen, mugs, bags, flowers, you may go ahead with more fresh and innovative gift ideas to expand your brand value.

If there is a festive season round the corner, then it gives you an idea to rejoice. It’s the time to expect some really nice looking creative corporate gifts from your company. For example, companies try to purchase huge gift items on the occasion of Diwali. At the same time, employees also feel excited after they receive gifts during such special occasions. Employees also feel proud to be a part of an organization where he or she works as it gives them the kind of recognition they expect.

Hardcopy Presentation Printing – Dos and Don’ts

Hardcopy presentation can be very hard work. The sheer number of possible glitches is enough to drive anyone to distraction. The only way to deal with these issues is to create a reliable hardcopy format that eliminates mistakes at the setup stage, and without the last minute panics. The added element is good quality, reliable printer cartridges, laser toner, and supplier support.

Setting up your hardcopy- the single stream approach

“The simpler the better” is the golden “do” here. Don’t use multiple formats. The last thing you need is print problems, when doing an important presentation. This can get tricky when doing reports, or presentations where there are multiple sources and types of data involved. Printers often advertise “Variable Data” printing services, so you can see it’s no minor issue, even for professionals.

A “single stream approach” is using one format for all your presentation work. This is easier, because you’re working off integrated software and hardware, not multiple formats.

For example:

Although most software is OK for Windows, putting images and data sources together can be a real “don’t”, and the print quality can be variable. The solution: Use PowerPoint, a familiar Windows standard, as the image source, which automatically formats the images.

Note: This will also give you a layout and let you work with the presentation element composition.

Checking for errors

The good news is that your print setup will also find any problems before they happen.

There are two basic processes in checking for errors:

Proofing: This is a full quality check, proofreading and image checking for quality before a print run. Make absolutely sure you do this, because it can be expensive to fix any errors, if you don’t.

Print testing: Do a full source quality check on a basic print test. This allows you to identify any hard copy issues at once. The print test includes a full printer test, heads and nozzles, and a preliminary test print to find any issues.

The preliminary print test will save you time and money in just a few minutes. Some basic printers are simply not designed for highly advanced, detailed prints and high volumes of copies. If so, your ink application will be out of synch. Adjust the settings on the Advanced tab, and you’ll find out if the printer can do the job.

Important Do’s:

  • Install new ink cartridges for printers before a print run.
  • Check ink levels regularly.

Presentation values, defined

High value presentation is very high quality, like a prospectus or other important business document. If you’re working with something complex, like a report or business white paper, the presentation must be top quality. Your print job needs to be immaculate, for presentation to business clients.

Success- Print matches presentation needs

The proof copy of your presentation is the benchmark. It will be perfect, with no text or image issues. The ink application will be 100% according to your source materials. Good presentations make good business.

Men’s Presents and the Bathurst 1000

Fans of V8 super cars rank the Bathurst 1000 as the utmost of races in Australian motorsports. The Bathurst 1000 draws crowds from fields afar for this spectacular racing event. There are many more knowledgeable people on the actual cars of the Bathurst 1000 than I, but when looking at some mens presents the other day with names such as Hardie Ferodo 500 emblazoned on them, I decided it was time to explore further the history behind such names and the heros behind them.

Significance and History of the Name:
Beginning at Phillip Island as the 1960 Armstrong 500, the 500 mile race, while comparing which makes had the best combinations of speed, ability, and dependability, also held an opportunity for Armstrong to advertise its products, particularly its shock absorbers.

After only three years of use, the track at Phillip Island was worn down and not suitable for racing, so in 1963 the race was moved to the Mount Panorama track in Bathurst, NSW. (for those who may be interested, the Mount Panorama track is aptly named due to the incredible view overlooking the fields around it!) Over the years the race has changed names due to sponsorships, most recently being termed the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, but the legendary merchandise of mens presents still has names such as Hardie Ferodo 500 and Armstrong 500 emblazoned on it.

Cars of the Bathurst 1000:
In the beginnings, the 1960 Armstrong 500 was specifically for only Australian made cars, whereas now it has branched out and included cars such as Nissan, Ford, and the BMW. Holden and Ford still hold the significant titles, and the Big Bangers have gone down in history.

Famous Names of the Bathurst 1000:
While Holden ranks for the highest number of wins for the car make, there are some drivers’ names that have gone down in history as legends of the Bathurst race. Names such as Peter Brock, Bob Jane, and Jim Richards have become household names amongst car racing fans. Why is this so? Peter Brock rightfully earned the title King of the Mountain due to his nine victories, and winners of the Bathurst 1000 now receive the Peter Brock Trophy in honour of this legend. Bob Jane, most commonly known to the general people for his national tyre company, won four successive races, giving him an excellent foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavours in starting his automotive businesses. And Jim Richards? Well, since his beginnings in 1978 until the present day, he still holds the record for the most starts in the race – 35. He has also won the race 7 on seven occasions. Though not as highly ranking as the first three drivers named, Allan Moffat deserves a mention. A Canadian-born man, Moffat is Ford’s most successful driver in the race and in 1977 won his fourth Bathurst 1000.

While this only barely touches on the significance of the Bathurst 1000 in the world of motor sports, I have attempted to give an overview of one of the greatest races in Australian motorsports and explore the significance of some of those legendary titles I saw on various mens presents – the titles that will be remembered down through the years of motor racing.