Presentable Vs Pestilent Persistence

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. (Coolidge)

Frank’s interview was postponed, no date set. I wasn’t able to set up the interview. I couldn’t get him a “yes.” I couldn’t get him a “no.” His resume was in limbo. So Frank said to himself, “What have I got to lose?” Frank called the VP of HR (Human Resources) at the company every day or two. For weeks he called. Usually he left no message. Frank just called, got voice mail and hung up. Finally the VP picked up his phone. Frank was enthusiastic about the company and the opportunity on the phone. No whining. No complaining. An interview was set up. Frank performed a miracle using the power of persistence.

The facts that made it work:

  1. He was excited about this opportunity. This particular one.
  2. Abject failure was given a cost. No new job.
  3. A price was paid. Regular calls.
  4. Presentable persistence, not pestilent persistence, was employed.
  5. Enthusiasm was generated for every call. He knew he’d get through one day.
  6. He sold himself from the VP’s point of view. No whining, just positives.

If you really want a new job or promotion, you often just have to keep trying. You have to make a positive impact through your persistence. When your opportunity finally comes you have to be ready to pursue it like it is the first time you tried. You have to be all positive.

One last thing to consider. While you are being persistent, continue preparing. Learn something new every day that applies to the job or promotion you want. Win by superior preparation AND persistence. That’s the sweet spot where home runs are hit.

Giving Jewelry As Christening Presents

Giving the gift of jewelry is a way to give precious christening presents. Be it silver or gold, many people appreciate the tradition behind the jewelry. While it is not that common to give little boys this type of present, baby girls are the usual recipient of these after the christening.

To start, some people give charm bracelets. With a charm bracelet the child can grow into it. Unlike a silver bracelet which the child can grow out of very soon! You also get the benefit of adding charms to it as the child grows, each piece expressing your love and hope for her future.

As they grow up and have various life events, a new charm can commemorate them and enhance your bond. Don’t be alarmed if they do not always wear it though – such a precious christening gift could get destroyed, so they are best left as a keepsake as the child matures.

Are the child’s ears pierced? If so consider giving some earrings. Earrings with pearls on a stud would look good. Silver studs would be very nice too.

For necklaces, some people choose to give A St. Christopher necklace to the child. The symbolism is that St. Christopher can protect the child on his life’s journeys.

As with any gift though, be aware that the child will soon outgrow the present. This is not to say they do like it, or would not appreciate you buying it. Rather, it’s just that as kids grow they will stop wearing them – but don’t fret, they will still keep them and look back as adults with a fondness for their christening presents.

Christmas Present Ideas For Her

The season of Christmas is not only a period of celebration, but it is also a time to exchange gifts. If you are here because you are looking for the best present ideas for her this Christmas, then I would say you are at the right place. As a person who has had experience with different characters of women, I will say that I am in the right position to know what they prefer as presents during the period of Christmas.

I do not know what you can afford for a Christmas present; as a result I would give you varieties under one category. The perfect gift to give her during the period of Christmas is jewelry. Women adore jewelries. Under jewelry, there are a lot of varieties of jewelries. Many things fall under jewelry. It will be better to make it a surprise and make her scream “oh my gosh” with smiles filled all over her face. You need to keep her on suspense. The way to do this I will describe all of them to you.

The perfect jewelry types to give her during this Christmas period are necklace, watches, bracelets or even watches. If you have money to spend, not in a wasteful manner but through a wise manner, then you can go for gemstones. A jewelry made of diamond will be perfect. Gold would even be best. No matter what you chose, there is need to make it unique. Jewelries made of original diamond or gold can make a relationship stronger. You know why? Because diamond is forever and as long as she wears the diamond the more she remembers you. Many people think that diamond-made jewelries are no go area in terms of its cost. I say no. you could get a jewelry made of diamond for $120. But it is likely to be a ring. If you have about $500 or more to spend, then you can get a good diamond-made jewelry like a necklace. But if you do not have much you could as well go for other gemstones-made jewelries like platinum, silver, Platinum and the rest of others. I will reveal to you a store where you would get the cheapest jewelries on earth. When you buy the gift, simply wrap it using a gift pack. A pink color will be smart. Get a paper and write this statement on it, ‘to the one I love’, give it to her and watch how the love your partner will skyrocket for you. The Christmas present ideas for her that fall under jewelry could be necklace, bangle, bracelet, earring etc.